Most Valuable Pediatrician

Dr. Flower’s practice includes infants to young adults (age 24). Her special interests in Pediatrics includes, but is not limited to: Newborns, Breastfeeding Education, Early Childhood Literacy, School Age Health and Safety, Teens and Young Adult Health, Asthma Education/Management, Childhood Obesity and Children with Special Needs.

Most Valuable Patient

At the heart of what we do is caring for our patients. The patient will have a medical home that will cater to his/her growth and development. From birth-young adult, he or she will be cared for in a state of the art medical home and technology suite. The patient’s information will be safely guarded, but readily accessible to the patient and any other health care provider chosen. At each stage of growth and development, we are committed to ensuring patients grow to be healthy and happy individuals.

Most Valuable Parent

Thank you for choosing MVP Pediatrics as your child’s medical home!  At MVP Pediatrics, parents are treated with the utmost respect and your child’s cares and concerns will be addressed with an attentive listening ear.  Together we will partner in your child’s healthcare needs and concerns.

At MVP Pediatrics, parents can expect an intimate relationship with a Pediatrician who is understanding, warm, friendly and earnest.  At MVP Pediatrics we want you as the parent to know that you are the captain of the team in raising a healthy and happy child. We will be right there with you to advocate for your child’s health.

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